What is a Free 1800 Number?

A toll free 1 800 number is traditionally a phone number that enables customers from around the globe to contact your business at no cost to them. Recent advances in modern telecommunications technology, however, have expanded the benefits of 1 800 toll free numbers to enable advanced call forwarding and Hosted PBX services for business owners. Toll free numbers can now even be customized to reflect international area codes, a service that encourages international purchasing, often significantly increasing business revenue.

What are the Benefits of a Free 1 800 Number?

Toll free 1 800 numbers benefit both your customers and your business. The PBX features included in advanced 1 800 number packages can help to eliminate long call wait times and reduce dropped call frequency, thus rapidly improving your customer service standards. For your business, a toll free 1 800 number also means a cheap, all inclusive phone system that expands your perceived geographical presence, requires no installation or maintenance, and is 100% scalable. Added features include call recording, a 24/7 online phone system control center, and business to mobile forwarding.

How do I get a Free 1 800 Number?

Activating a free 1 800 number is surprisingly simple, and you can even try a free 30 day trial to help you decide if a 1 800 number is the right choice for your business. To sign up, just use County Code’s easy drop-down menu. You’ll be given a selection of over 100 country codes. Once you’ve picked the right one for you and entered your name, forwarding phone number, and business email address, your new 1800 number will be activated in minutes.