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How to Use Call Forwarding to Attract International Business Assets

International business transactions have long been fraught with challenge thanks to the difficulties involved in maintaining and managing international communications. Fortunately for businesses considering international expansion, modern advances in telecommunications have finally made conducting business on an international scale easy, achievable, and affordable.

What is Advanced Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is traditionally a tool that forwards incoming calls from one phone number to another. While once call forwarding was utilized only in the event of a busy or disconnected primary line, many business owners are now making the switch to advanced call forwarding. Advanced call forwarding incorporates online call management centers, that use call forwarding to enable virtual number activation. Virtual numbers, one of the most popular tools available through advanced call forwarding, facilitate the creation of local international numbers. These local international numbers allow international clients, customers, and business relations to initiate communications without incurring any long distance toll charges.

How Can Advanced Call Forwarding Help my Business?

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Advanced call forwarding is an effective tool for businesses of any size, often helping business owners to save on telecommunications costs, improve customer service, and gain international clientele. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which advanced call forwarding has been used increase business profit margins:

SIP (VoIP Routing): Advanced call forwarding services can route calls through both traditional telecom lines and Voice over Internet (VoIP) capable devices. Since VoIP calls can be received through tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, this two-part system can help to create a more unified communications structure. Many business owners additionally find that the conference and face-to-face calling enabled by VoIP routing is particularly useful in maintaining international business relationships.

International Presence Growth:By activating a virtual number, you can expand your business presence without actually physically relocating. Virtual numbers are available in 120+ countries, and work to encourage international callers by creating the impression of actual brick-and-mortar international locations. Virtual numbers can also prove useful in facilitating frequent long distance calling, eliminating lengthy dialing from the international communications process.

Mobile Call Forwarding:With advanced call forwarding, calls made to traditional business phones can be forwarded to any mobile or VoIP capable device. This technology helps businesses to provide better service to long distance customers, as time zone differences often result in international calls arriving outside of normal business hours. Mobile call forwarding is also an invaluable tool to international business travelers, enabling travelers to keep up-to-date with clients, customers, and coworkers while on the road.

Improved Customer Service: Advanced call forwarding comes with free virtual pbx features. Unlike traditional pbx, virtual pbx requires no installation or maintenance, and systems come with no line limits. For small and large businesses alike, this means a more streamlined phone system, resulting in shorter call wait times and more satisfied customers.

Cost Reduction: Despite its many features, advanced call forwarding remains significantly cheaper than traditional telecom services, particularly for companies conducting business on an international scale. Since call forwarding requires no equipment, services come without hefty activation or installation fees. By using advanced call forwarding in lieu of traditional telecom services, international business associates need no longer worry about facing additional toll charges on cell phone calls, and can often avoid international calling fees altogether.