Staying Classy: How a Feature-Packed Business Phone Service Can Improve Your Image

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The saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, if you’re still operating an outdated traditional phone system, you may just want to add that particular saying to your automated response litany, because your customers are going to be making a lot of judgements about your business while they wait helplessly on the line for someone, anyone, to pick up the phone.

An inefficient phone system projects an appearance of incompetence that discourages customers right from the get-go, often resulting in loss of business and stagnant revenue. When a customer dials your business number, how long do they have to wait before reaching a service representative? How many prospective customers hang up after listening for too long to bad classical music or that oh-so-frustrating busy tone? If either of those numbers embarrases you, it may be time to improve your image with an upgraded business phone system.

Upgraded Business Phone System Features

A first class business phone system can improve your business image through advanced features that enable streamlined business management and unlimited scalability. Let’s take a lot a what those features are, and how they can help to improve your business image today:

Instant Activation:A top-of-the-line business phone system can be activated in just minutes, as there is no installation process involved in modern virtual phone services. Once your system is activated, it won’t need any expensive maintenance, and, since virtual phone systems have no maximum capacity, you won’t need to upgrade, pay additional overheads, or purchase a second system down the line.

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Unlimited Lines and Extensions:One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional pbx phone systems is their lack of scalability. As a business expands, so must its phone system. Unfortunately for many struggling customer service managers, traditional systems have line maximums, extra charges for new extensions, and can rapidly become unaffordable for a growing company. Virtual phone systems revolutionize traditional communications by providing limitless expansion capacity. Lines, extensions, and forwarding numbers can be added or removed at any time through the online control center that comes with any good advanced phone service.

Advanced Call Forwarding:Call forwarding is a handy tool that can be an integral part of your new phone system. Advanced call forwarding can be programmed to reflect business hours, accommodate vacation time, and enable employees to leave the office and still receive important calls. Call forwarding can also ensure that incoming callers never receive a busy tone, as calls made to a busy line can automatically be forwarded to the next free representative.

Cloud Storage:Cloud storage is a relatively new method of using the web to affordably and safely store data. Advanced phone systems utilize cloud storage to store call data and call recordings, keeping data both easily accessible and secure. By using cloud services, business managers can review call statistics and customer service standards from any computer.

Why Upgrade?

All of these features may sound as though they come with a hefty price tag, but that’s actually no longer the case. An advanced virtual phone service can be as much as half the price of your current phone system, and the associated benefits to your business image are priceless. The improved customer service that comes with a system upgrade will improve not only your business reputation, but your revenue as well. Making the switch today may just prompt the growth boost that you’ve been waiting for.