Vonage Reviews & Overview: VOIP Phone Service

How hard is it to use the control panel?

Vonage’s control panel is relatively easy-to-use.

How long does it take to activate new numbers?

Porting your old number to Vonage normally takes about 10-12 days to get through the system. If using a Vonage-generated phone number, activation is immediate.

How hard to add new numbers?

Adding a new number with Vonage takes a few steps, but is easy enough.

What is the voice quality of calls?

Fair to good.

What are the different pricing structures?

Vonage World Plan
Price: $26.99 per month. ($4.99 per month for three months, then $26.99 per month before taxes and fees, with a one-year agreement).

Features: unlimited calling to landlines in the U.S. and more than 60 countries. Unlimited calling to mobile phones in 10 specific countries and territories.

U.S. & Canada 400 Plan
Price: $12.99 per month (before taxes and fees, with a one-year agreement).

Features: 400 minutes of outbound local and long distance home phone service across U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico and just 5¢ for each additional minute. Free Vonage-to-Vonage calls. Access to “Vonage Extensions.”

Do they offer fax-to-email?


Do they offer voicemail-to-email?


Can you forward to mobile phones or other phones?


Do they do simultaneous and/or sequential ringing?


Can you implement rules for time/day call routing?


Do they offer international, country-specific ringback tones?


Do they offer vanity toll free numbers?


Do they offer free trials?

No. Vonage is currently asking $4.99 for the first three months, but returning to the normal $26.99 rate afterward.

Do they require contracts?

A one-year agreement is required to take advantage of the $4.99-for-three-months deal.

What are the failover routing features?

Vonage relies on your high-speed internet. If you do not have a forwarding number not associated with Vonage, this could prove to be a problem should your connection malfunction.

Can you activate multiple extensions?

Vonage offers multiple lines (at a cost for each). They do not offer extensions.

How does call routing work?

Once the user has the Vonage box in their possession, a generally painless setup process is all that is follows.

Can you transfer calls between extensions?

Since there are no extensions with Vonage, no. But if an account has multiple lines, it is possible to transfer calls between lines.

Can you activate caller ID?